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                      AFE Description

                      In the energy metering filed, AFE (Analog Front End) chips are the digital analog mixed integrated circuits, including DAC, bandgap voltage reference, power management module, clock control module, metering calculation, and energy-pulse conversion and output functions, etc.


                      V9240 is a multifunction, ultralow power, single-phase power measurement IC with UART serial interface.

                      3.3V power supply: 2.8V to 3.6V.

                      Reference: 1.210V (typical drift 10ppm/°C).

                      Typical power dissipation in full operation:1.3mA.

                      Supporting one current channel for active and reactive energy metering simultaneously

                      Highly metering accurate:

                      Supporting IEC 62053-21:2003, IEC62053-22:2003 and IEC 62053-23:2003;

                      Less than 0.1% error for active/reactive energy metering over a dynamic range of 5000:1;

                      2 independent oversampling Σ/Δ ADCs: one for voltage and one for current.

                      Various measurements:

                      DC components of voltage and current signals;

                      Instantaneous /average current and voltage RMS;

                      Instantaneous /average active/reactive power;

                      Line frequency;


                      Auto baud rate adaption UART interface,supporting baud rate: 1200bps~9600bps

                      No input crystal required.

                      Current input: Shunt resistor or CT

                      Operating temperature: -40~+85°C.

                      Storage temperature: -40~+125°C.

                      Package: 8-SOP.


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